Limon Help

Turning On & Off
To turn on Limon, press the button (#1 on the diagram) - the power light will illuminate and the motor will pulse. The number of pulses indicates the battery level (three for full, two for medium, and one for low battery). If Limon pulses only once or not at all, it's time to recharge. To turn off, hold down the button until Limon pulses and the lights turn off.


Free Play Mode
Limon has three modes. When you turn it on, it is in Free Play mode. To make it vibrate, simply squeeze the soft sides - the harder you squeeze, the stronger the vibrations. In Free Play mode, when you're not squeezing, Limon is not vibrating. In this mode, only they power light (#4) is on.


Record Mode
Record mode allows you to capture and replay personalized patterns - Limon will remember and replay any pattern you can imagine. To enter Record mode from Free Play mode, simply press the button once and the record mode light (#3) will turn on. Limon will automatically record the vibration pattern from any sequence of squeezes you make. Just stop squeezing when you're done; after a short pause, Limon will start playing back the composition you've made.

To make a new pattern, just start squeezing again; Limon will automatically start re-recording any time you start squeezing. Heads up, though - Limon only remembers one pattern at a time, so if you start recording a new pattern you will lose your previous one.

To record a constant level of vibration, just squeeze Limon at the desired level when switching into Record mode and the press the button again to move into Locked Mode.


Locked Mode
It's easy to lock in a favorite pattern once you've recorded it. To enter Lock mode from Record mode, just press the button once and the lock mode light (#2) will turn on. Now, Limon will continue repeating your pattern over and over until you exit Lock mode, and it will ignore any squeezes. To exit Lock mode and return to Free Play mode, just press the button once more.


To recharge, plug the charge cable into any USB device and place Limon into the charging dock (#6). There are magnets in Limon and the dock to ensure it will be oriented correctly; rotate Limon until it snaps into place. Limon's light pulses during charging and stays on when charging is complete. Limon cannot but used while charging.


Usage and Care
Limon is fully submersible and 100% waterproof.

Limon is made with the highest quality materials, including 100% phthalate-free, body-safe silicone. Use only silicone-safe or water-based lubricants. To clean, use running water and mild soap or a silicone-friendly toy cleaner.

To keep Limon in tip-top shape, DO NOT:


Managing Inflation Level
Changing altitude can affect the air pressure in Limon's Squeeze Pillow. If it feels or looks deflated at any time, use a pen or the corner of the USB plug to press the travel vent (#7) and reinflate Limon to your desired firmness.